Pre-Conference Tours - Tour I

XVIII International Silage Conference

24-26 July 2018

Bonn, Germany

Pre-Conference Tours - Tour I

July 20-23, 2018, Eastern Germany: Berlin to Bonn

Agricultural areas between historical past & modernity, town & country

Duration: 3.5 days

Arriving in Berlin on Friday (July 20), one of the best suited cities in Europe to explore diverse history – young and growing, east and west, from Prussia to the Berlin wall, you may participate in a guided city tour. The next day we will visit two large farms with 4000-8000 ha, including biogas plants and 1000-2500 dairy cows, of the latter one third being milked by 15 robots just installed in 2017 (,

We will stay overnight in the small but historic Renaissance town Torgau ( witnessing over 500 years of the Protestant Reformation initiated by Martin Luther and the encounter of the American and Soviet forces at the end of World War II.

"Annaburger" will give us an insight into the production of agricultural transport vehicles including silage bagging machines ( At the Saxon State Office you can participate in a workshop on lab scale ensiling trials including diverse ensiling materials and study purposes.

Last night of the excursion will be in Leipzig, a city telling from the Battle of the Nations against Napoleon in 1813 and the Peaceful Revolution in 1989 (

On Monday, “Südzucker” will guide us through its sugar factory in Zeitz with sugar beet pulp as valuable ensiling material ( before we will jointly travel to the conference site by bus.

Price for this tour: € 120.00

The prices for the conference tours include all transfers, accommodation and most meals.

Meet our Keynote speakers

Enno Bahrs | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Enno Bahrs
University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart

"Economical evaluation of silages"

Giorgio Borreani | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Giorgio Borreani
University of Turin, Italy

"New technologies to monitor and improve silage quality from field to feed-out"

João Daniel | ISC 2018 | Bonn
João Daniel
State University of Maringa (UEM), Brazil

"Production and utilization of silages in tropical areas"

Dave Davies | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Dave Davies
Silage Solutions Ltd., UK

"New technologies to monitor and improve silage quality from field to feed-out"

Sasha Hafner | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Sasha Hafner
Aarhus University, Denmark

"Volatile organic compounds: sources, emission and mitigation"

Kenneth Kalscheur | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Kenneth Kalscheur
U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center, Madison, Wisconsin (USA)


Bärbel Kroschewski | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Bärbel Kroschewski
Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

"Statistics and experimental design in silage research"

Tim McAllister | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Tim McAllister
Lethbridge Research and Development Centre, Alberta, Canada

"Molecular techniques to develop additives and characterize the microbial ecology of silages"

Richard E. Muck | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Richard E. Muck
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin (USA)

"The future of ensiling: Challenges and opportunities"

Thomas M. Pauly | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Thomas M. Pauly
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden

"Methodology of ensiling trials and effects of silage additives"

Jyoti Prakash Tamang | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Jyoti Prakash Tamang
Sikkim University, India

"Global fermented foods: Ethno-microbiology to next generation sequencing"

Karl Schedle | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Karl Schedle
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

"Fermentation of feed in monogastric animal nutrition"

J. Michael Wilkinson | ISC 2018 | Bonn
J. Michael Wilkinson
Nottingham University, UK

"The future of ensiling: Challenges and opportunities"

Ueli Wyss | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Ueli Wyss
Agroscope, Posieux, Switzerland

"Methodology of ensiling trials and effects of silage additives"