Post-Conference Tours - Tour III

XVIII International Silage Conference

24-26 July 2018

Bonn, Germany

Post-Conference Tours - Tour III

July 26-29, 2018, Southern Germany: Bonn to Munich


Duration: 3.5 days

The tour will start directly after the ISC on 26th July (04:00 PM) with a trip to Heidelberg including a wine tasting in the historical district.

At the 2nd day our plan is to visit Heidelberg palace (, the world's most famous palace ruin.

The tour continues with impressing landscape views in the beautiful Black Forest, where we will stop in order to visit an organic farm showing grassland experiments and full grazing system. Accommodation will take place at LAZBW Aulendorf (Agri-cultural Center for cattle production, grassland management, dairy management, wildlife and fisheries Baden-Wuerttemberg) with a Swabian buffet for dinner.

The following day starts with a tour of the train-ing and research facilities of LAZBW Aulendorf (90 dairy cows, experiments in dairy cattle feeding and grassland).

Afterwards the tour continues with a visit of family-owned dairy farm in the milk and cheese region Allgäu (, including lunch, cheese- and beer-tasting and a guided tour of Neuschwanstein castle (, one of Germany’s most famous sights in the Bavarian Alpine Upland.

The last day of the tour includes a visit of a family-owned farm near lake Ammer, a historical tour of Andechs monastery ( with lunch in the pilgrim restaurant and a look at the experimental barns (125 dairy cows, bull fattening) and the silo facilities of the test station Grub (Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture,

The tour ends at Munich central station (05:00 PM). Please note that overnight stays (including breakfast) are in basic rooms, partly with shared sani-tary facilities. Two dinners are inclusive - drinks and two lunches exclusive.

Price for this tour: € 100.00

The prices for the conference tours include all transfers, accommodation and most meals.

Meet our Keynote speakers

Enno Bahrs | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Enno Bahrs
University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart

"Economical evaluation of silages"

Giorgio Borreani | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Giorgio Borreani
University of Turin, Italy

"New technologies to monitor and improve silage quality from field to feed-out"

João Daniel | ISC 2018 | Bonn
João Daniel
State University of Maringa (UEM), Brazil

"Production and utilization of silages in tropical areas"

Dave Davies | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Dave Davies
Silage Solutions Ltd., UK

"New technologies to monitor and improve silage quality from field to feed-out"

Sasha Hafner | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Sasha Hafner
Aarhus University, Denmark

"Volatile organic compounds: sources, emission and mitigation"

Kenneth Kalscheur | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Kenneth Kalscheur
U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center, Madison, Wisconsin (USA)


Bärbel Kroschewski | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Bärbel Kroschewski
Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

"Statistics and experimental design in silage research"

Tim McAllister | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Tim McAllister
Lethbridge Research and Development Centre, Alberta, Canada

"Molecular techniques to develop additives and characterize the microbial ecology of silages"

Richard E. Muck | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Richard E. Muck
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin (USA)

"The future of ensiling: Challenges and opportunities"

Thomas M. Pauly | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Thomas M. Pauly
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden

"Methodology of ensiling trials and effects of silage additives"

Jyoti Prakash Tamang | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Jyoti Prakash Tamang
Sikkim University, India

"Global fermented foods: Ethno-microbiology to next generation sequencing"

Karl Schedle | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Karl Schedle
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

"Fermentation of feed in monogastric animal nutrition"

J. Michael Wilkinson | ISC 2018 | Bonn
J. Michael Wilkinson
Nottingham University, UK

"The future of ensiling: Challenges and opportunities"

Ueli Wyss | ISC 2018 | Bonn
Ueli Wyss
Agroscope, Posieux, Switzerland

"Methodology of ensiling trials and effects of silage additives"